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About Jamie Forbes

Jamie Forbes grew up south of Boston and attended Milton Academy from grade 5 to 12. In the summer before his freshman year and through the first half of that academic year, Jamie was sexually assaulted by a male teacher at the school. Support from close friends and family, and many years of therapy, were instrumental in his ability to process the complex impact of the experience.

Thirty-five years later, after the Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team published a story on sexual abuse in private schools, the leadership at Milton Academy sent a letter to its community of alums asking if any of them had experienced any sexual misconduct while a student at Milton. At the urging of a close childhood friend, Jamie agreed to share his experience with the school leadership.

Jamie overcame his initial fear that he might be re-victimized in telling his story after considering the larger picture. Once he recognized that there was a compelling opportunity to shift the negative power from his experience into a force for good by creating awareness of the issue, reducing the stigma for victims, providing an opening for others to discuss the topic, and reducing the chance that others could be victimized, he became motivated and inspired by the potential. In addition, as the father of two teen girls, Jamie saw speaking up as a way to model behavior that he wanted to teach his kids. Combined, these opportunities became guiding principles in his work with the school.

Through his own experience and studying how other schools have responded to similar findings, Jamie observed that institutional responses typically lacked a survivor-informed sensitivity and perspective. This frequently prolonged the process and in many cases required re-opening investigations. Empathy and transparency (while protecting anonymity and confidentiality) are two key ingredients that reduce friction and build trust, enabling investigations to run more smoothly and helping the community move faster toward healing.

When not working with schools, Jamie advises individuals, families and companies on their philanthropy at Forbes Legacy Advisors. Learn more about Forbes Legacy Advisors by clicking here.

Today Jamie lives in Portsmouth, NH with his wife, two daughters and their dog.

Jamie Forbes

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About the Name

Hadley Rock is a submerged boulder at the western edge of a storied and dangerous channel with torrential current. While the rock represents a hidden hazard, it marks the end of the hazardous crossing, beyond which lies a serene and beautiful landscape that represents safety and comfort. At Hadley Rock, we help you navigate the risks that come with uncovering, processing and responding to findings that come out of sexual misconduct investigations, supporting your passage to healing comfort of the far shore.

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