Trust and integrity are the bedrock of your school’s reputation. Announcing and conducting an investigation creates an opportunity for either building trust or raising questions about your institution’s integrity.

How does Hadley Rock Advisors, LLC work with other professional advisors in sexual misconduct investigations and responses?
We work in close connection with other professionals to ensure you have comprehensive advice and support. We provide survivor-informed counsel to schools and advocacy and resources to anyone in either considering or actively participating in your investigation. We focus on ensuring everyone involved feels safe and supported.
Why Is Hadley Rock independent and not part of an existing team that supports the process?
We do what others can?t. Independence from others involved in the investigation and response means we can focus on supporting school leadership and the individuals participating in the investigation. We build trust and create a safe environment for those who choose to come forward. While maintaining confidentiality, our connection to investigation participants gives us critical insight into how participants and your broader school community are responding to the work.
Does Hadley Rock provide investigation services?
No. We have to be independent from the investigating team. Investigators collect facts, verify, determine implications and establish recommendations. We work closely with them to ensure that investigation participants feel safe and have the information they need during and following the investigation, but our role focuses on creating an environment that enables schools and survivors to learn and heal.
Does Hadley Rock provide therapeutic support?
We work very closely with your school?s counseling team and have additional therapeutic resources if you need them, but our expertise is in understanding the survivor?s perspective so that the investigation process and response supports all those involved in the investigation.
Can I hire Hadley Rock to speak at my school?
Yes, we conduct training and speak at schools on a variety of topics.? We customize the message according to the audience and your needs.? Some of the topics we speak about include the following:

  • Be a Man – masculinity in the age of porn and social media (for students and adults)
  • Keeping students safe – A Survivor’s Perspective (for adults)
  • Life Skills – A Survivor’s Perspective (for students and adults)
  • Consent – The Power of “We” (for students and adults)
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Does Hadley Rock provide legal advice?
No. We work closely with your legal team and can recommend others, but we leave the legal work to the lawyers and focus on making sure empathy is built into all aspects of your investigation and response.
How do your fees work?
Our fees differ according to the scope of work. We believe that the best outcome results from including us from the beginning (when you?re considering launching an investigation) and throughout your response. This comprehensive approach enables us to embed the survivor-informed perspective in all aspects of the process, which helps build trust and creates an environment of safety and care. Our approach leads to shorter investigations, greater trust across the entire community, and faster healing.

For schools that are unable to include the survivor-informed perspective throughout the process, we can provide short term counsel in our services and limited engagements for strategic advice or presentations.

Does Hadley Rock need to be involved throughout the process?
Not necessarily, but we believe it yields the best results for everyone involved.? For more specifics, see the question about our fees in the above question.
How do I learn more about Hadley Rock's services?
Feel free to call us for a confidential conversation about our work. Click here to send us a note and set up time to talk.