Trust and integrity are the bedrock of your school’s reputation. Announcing and conducting an investigation creates an opportunity for either building trust or raising questions about your institution’s integrity.

“Jamie has provided remarkable insight throughout this process. Through his own experience, he understands how to support the whole school community while also recognizing the institutional challenges. He has been a great asset to us, helping us work toward healing through this challenging time.”Todd Bland, Head of School, Milton Academy

“We found Jamie to be a wonderful resource. His insightful perspective, natural empathy, and wise guidance had a significant impact on how we supported alumni who had difficult stories to tell and who were looking to heal. I highly recommend his work. Stephen Murray, Headmaster, The Lawrenceville School

“Jamie’s approachable manner, candor and poignant story helped our faculty and staff understand a challenging topic from a personal and systemic perspective. The workshop also gave us practical tools and talking points that will help us maintain a safe and healthy school. – Amy Wheeler, Associate Head of School, Ethel Walker

“Hadley Rock bridges a critical gap that exists between victims and institutions. With a focus on healing, Jamie understands how to help survivors and assists schools and their communities by re-building trust and supporting those who have been harmed.”Kathy Beebe, Executive Director, HAVEN

“There are so many unknowns throughout sexual misconduct investigations. The school’s leadership has been committed to holding ourselves to very high standards throughout this process, and Jamie’s perspective has helped us understand how to support not just those who were directly impacted but also the broader school community.” – Lisa Donohue, Board President, Milton Academy

“The fact that Jamie and I suffered through the same experience meant that I trusted him the first time we spoke. Knowing he was there to understand and explain the survivor perspective throughout this process gave me confidence that I was represented. It gave me great comfort since my faith in the school had been betrayed.” – Sexual Abuse Survivor

“Jamie understands the trauma from a survivor’s perspective because he has lived it. He is highly sensitive to relating his experience in a way that makes it accessible for others to hear and discuss. He also understands the importance of making sure there is adequate clinical support for those who need it around this topic. Jamie has been a great partner to my team in this process.” – Lisa Morin, Director of Counselling Services, Milton Academy